The Biggest Upsides to Having Your Wedding on a Working Farm

The past few years have seen rustic farm weddings become a hit concerning venue trends. After all, what’s not to love?

Farm venues provide a plethora of space, which makes it an ideal location to host both your ceremony and reception, plus these venues are typically in areas that are surrounded by breathtaking landscape.

Photo by Betsi Ewing Studio.

But, with the rise of rustic yet elegant country weddings, there’s also been an increase in barn venues that, while gorgeous, don’t quite have the same features as a working farm. Now we know everyone has their preferences and you might find that a venue that gives you the look of a farm wedding without the additional details is the perfect fit for you.

However, if you’re considering hosting a countryside celebration and weighing between a barn built to exclusively to be a venue versus a location that also doubles as a working farm, here are some plus sides to the latter option to think about…

Opportunities for Using the Farm’s Bounty

For couples who are heavily invested in the food experience that coincides with their wedding day (i.e. if you’re a total foodie!), a venue that operates as a working farm is going to give you some awesome menu options.

Between fresh cuts of meat to veggies picked less than 24 hours before your big day, you can truly create a farm-to-fork dinner when you host your reception at a working farm. For example, at East Lynn, we have a variety of fresh meats, vegetables, and herbs that couples can choose from to create a custom menu with unique flavor profiles.

And if you’re planning to get married in the Loudoun County area, regardless of whether you work with East Lynn, we can’t recommend our preferred vendor, Bluewater Kitchen enough when it comes to crafting the most delicious farm to table menus.

Couples who want a dining component to their big day that includes local and seasonal fare, you can’t beat what comes straight from the farm you’re getting hitched at!

Photo by J. Riley Stewart.

Lessening Your Carbon Footprint

Let’s say you want to host an eco-friendly fete. One with minimal waste and requires less overall consumption regarding what’s needed to make your wedding look like the day of your dreams.

Beyond the food factors we just mentioned (when your food doesn’t have to travel far to get to your plate, you’re reducing your carbon footprint!), there are also the factors of decor and one of the biggest slices of the wedding budget, flowers.

Photo by Al Agua Cinema.

When you opt for a venue that’s essentially a big room, you’ve got a blank canvas, which can either be great, especially for couples who want to design every detail, or it can be massively overwhelming and contribute to a lot of waste both in resources and budget.

At East Lynn, we love it when our couples use the elements of our farm such as hay bales, the barn structures, equipment, and fresh flowers cut from the garden to dress up the decor of their celebration.

Authentic Farm Charm

Sure, barns can be built to simply be beautiful, but you can’t replicate the authenticity of a working farm where animals roam in the not-so-far-distance, and the structures are steeped in history.

P.S. – Did you know East Lynn Farm was a dairy farm since the early 1800’s and we’re one of the few farm venues that has its original farm milking stanchions and industrial equipment intact?!

Morgan Moments Photography.

If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re a bit partial to the authentic charm feeling that East Lynn brings to your big day, but we’re not the only ones who think so… take a look at our reviews here and here.

If you’re interested in learning more about what East Lynn Farm can offer for your wedding, head here for more info and get in touch with us for a tour here.

We’d love to sit a spell with you on the porch, until then, happy venue hunting!

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