Spring Wedding Color Inspiration

As any bride knows, aside from deciding on the perfect dress and finding your dream venue, one of the biggest decisions in planning your wedding is selecting a color palette.

Deciding to have a themed wedding with a pre-determined color palette is one thing, for example gold, emerald, and purple for Mardi Gras. But whether you’re choosing to go with a theme or not, the colors and patterns you choose will set the whole tone for your big day.

Since we’re fans of seasonal-inspired fêtes, here is some color palette inspiration to help spring brides kick off their planning!

Chic Pastels 

When you hear the word “pastel,” your mind might immediately drift to nursery or Easter colors, but we encourage you to read further. Pretty pastels are a great way to introduce color to your wedding while embracing a softer color scheme, especially if you’re not a fan of monochromatic neutrals.

Whether you choose a buttery yellow paired with a bright light green, or a serenity light blue with soft peach, there’s a way to combine pastels to create a soft and chic atmosphere for your wedding day.

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We love the soft pastel yellow dresses East Lynn bride, Cindy, chose for her bridesmaids.


This tablescape from last spring’s open house shows how you can pair pastel napkins and flower arrangements with a darker tablecloth for an elegant contrast.

Bright Pops of Color

Deep, dark hues and jewel tones come together to create some of our favorite color palettes for the cooler months, but as new flowers start to sprout and greenery is coming back to life in the spring, we think it’s only appropriate to incorporate those colors into your spring countryside wedding.

The other plus about choosing a bright color palette? You don’t need to think too hard about color coordination. Simply look to Mother Nature and you’ll see that all those bright and cheery colors together just work. No clashing or odd combinations, it’s just the palette that comes naturally!

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The floral centerpieces and the cake from this East Lynn Farm wedding was one of our favorite celebrations inspired by the bright colors of spring.

View More: http://leliamarie.pass.us/east-lynn-farm

Light and Airy Neutrals 

Finally, for those couples who like a more neutral look, but still want that seasonal touch, keeping your color palette light and airy is the way to go in springtime.

That means lots of bright whites and cream tones, opting for light variations of wood accents, and incorporating plenty of fresh greenery. This table decor set up from last year’s spring open house is a great example of the light and airy neutral look.


Those are just a few broad ideas to get you going, but know that the opportunities to create a unique and beautiful color palette are endless! Once you’ve determined your wedding colors, the following decisions will be that much easier too:

  • selecting invitations
  • choosing your bridesmaid dresses
  • selecting flowers
  • designing your ceremony and reception decor

You just have to take small steps at a time, and before you know it, your dream wedding will become a reality!

Have questions about hosting your spring wedding at East Lynn Farm? Get in touch with us!

You’re also welcome to come pay us a visit anytime, or come to our Spring Open House on March 13, 2016 from 12-6 p.m. where you can explore all East Lynn Farm has to offer. You can find more information on our Farm Events page.


Photo credits in order of appearance: Isabel Pirrello Photography, Yossi May PhotographyLelia Marie Photography, and Yossi May Photography.

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