Three Themes for Your Countryside Wedding

For couples who want to want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a charming and rustic wedding day, you can’t get a better location than a rambling farm with fresh air and a venue that allows you to have a scenic ceremony in the sun and a party in the barn.

But don’t think a farm wedding is all cowboy boots and horses (although we do love a good bridal party in boots)! There are plenty of ways you can switch up the look of your countryside wedding venue. 

Here’s a few of our favorite themes:

Sweet and Southern Countryside Wedding Inspiration

When we think of sweet and southern weddings we think of lace, burlap, and down-home charm.

Sweet and southern weddings are perfect for couples who prefer crisp and clean decor and bright and airy hues for their big day, and we’ve been lucky to host many of these country fetes at East Lynn Farm.


Sweet and southern weddings are perfect for couples who prefer crisp and clean decor and bright and airy hues for their big day, and we’ve been lucky to host many of these country fetes at East Lynn Farm.

One of our favorite ways couples bring in the theme of their wedding day is with the cake! One of our couples kept the look of their cake classic with simple white icing, but added southern charm by using a tree slice cake stand, bright wild flowers, and their Mr. and Mrs. deer toppers to show their love of hunting.


Fun and games is a classic piece of a sweet and southern wedding reception, and when you host your wedding at East Lynn Farm we’ll help you fill in the scenery and decor with our own working farm equipment!


Tree slices make a regular appearance at southern weddings because they’re an easy way to bring a little piece of the country inside. For an added touch of charm, incorporate a mason jar and baby’s breath and you’ve got a centerpiece that’s equal parts sweet and southern.


One of our couples took sweet in the literal sense, and these favors couldn’t have been a bigger hit! Get some local honey, package in mini Mason jars, put a little country flair on top with a piece of checkered cloth and you’ve got the sweetest send off.

Eco-Chic Country Wedding Inspiration

We love eco-conscious couples and we’re even more inspired by the ways they can take every aspect of their big day and make it in to an eco-friendly affair!

And don’t think eco-friendly means minimal, these weddings are just as a bright and festive as any other.


For example, you can’t beat picking wildflowers straight from the fields next to your ceremony location to include in all of your reception centerpieces.

That’s what one of our couples did with the small mason jar vases shown above and it didn’t require any extra materials or costs, just some time spent outdoors.


A big part of eco-friendly themed weddings is repurposing what you have available and not using unnecessary resources to make your big day come together.

That’s why using hay bales as your ceremony seats is a fantastic way to cut down on the materials you need to make your event happen as well as take advantage of the country charm it’ll bring to your ceremony!


Eco-chic weddings are all about reducing, reusing and recycling, which is what makes this country-inspired idea perfect for an eco-chic wedding! Not only can you use mason jars to bring in the country charm, you can also use them to reduce the amount of plastic throwaways at your event as well as repurpose them for your seating chart.


Give your guests a clue on the eco-chic theme long before your big day with an eco-friendly save the date! What a better way for people to do some good for the Earth and remember your big day than letting them see your save the date last long after your wedding day.

Rustic Fairytale Country Wedding Inspiration

The easiest way to sum up a rustic fairytale wedding is countryside meets glam.

For couples who want a more elegant affair, while still having the rustic charm that comes from getting married on the countryside, take notes from some of these gorgeous events.


Bring some romance to the barn with lights strung throughout the barn rafters! Not only will this decor bring a soft glow to the space, but you’ll also be highlighting the beauty of your venue.


This rustic fairytale wedding cake is the perfect example of woodsy meets elegant. We love how the lush flowers and touches of metallic bring an elevated appeal while the tree slice stand and the surrounding greenery makes the cake fit  in to the country aesthetic.


You’ll notice that the rustic fairytale theme has more deep colors and gemstone hues as opposed to the other countryside wedding themes. That’s why we love this theme for weddings with late afternoon ceremonies and evening receptions as well as fall weddings because the rustic fairytale look really sets the mood for that time of day and season.

These are just a few of the country-inspired wedding themes we’ve seen our couples create here at East Lynn Farm, and we can’t wait to see what atmospheres our future brides and grooms will come up with next!

Schedule a tour at East Lynn Farm today so you can envision your country, eco-friendly and rustic fairytale wedding for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you!

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