Our Produce

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East Lynn Farm produces a variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers, as well as top-quality meat, poultry and related products.

Our animals, raised here on the farm, are bred in a natural pasture environment, and we believe in a quality-over-quantity approach. The quality of the meat is of paramount importance, which is ample motivation to ensure the highest commitment to quality care, feeding and established daily routine. This natural-care approach, in turn, guarantees that our animals are not subjected to hormone injections or artificial insemination, rather depending on a balanced nutritional intake and each animal’s natural breeding cycles. The end result of our efforts produces a final product that is processed and delivered with care to our valued customers, having been properly butchered with humane methods and cured appropriately.

We stand behind the offerings that our farm produces, and go to great lengths to ensure a premium quality end product through passionate care and an emphasis on healthy feeding habits. Our commitment to this approach is consistent with our own personal moral and ethical standards, and promotes a method of farming which cuts no corners in achieving the highest level of care for our animals.

We offer specialized, custom growing arrangements for restaurants, caterers, florists, and special event planners. Explore the below offerings and click through to find out more.